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Early Detection Saves Lives

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging  (DITI)

DITI's major clinical value lies in its ability to aid in the early diagnosis of developing or existing disease or medical conditions including cancer.  It is an adjunctive diagnostic scanning tool that captures infrared radiation that is emitted from the skin surface and then converts it into electrical impulses.  These impulses are then used to create a Thermogram,   A Thermogram is a topographical color map of the area of the body which was imaged.    The different colors represent temperature various of up to 1000th of a degree.  It is this high sensitivity which allows clinicians to identify developing pathology in the  vascular, muscular, neural and skeletal systems. This is done by identifying areas of thermal asymmetry, neo-vascularity, and specific thermal patterns that are indicative of certain diseases or medical conditions,

Effectiveness and Research

Their are hundreds of medical studies which have been performed to establish the effectiveness and accuracy of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging. 

To read some of these studies, please refer to the ACCT Research Center for Thermography website.