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  • Head scan
  • Breast/chest scan
  • Abdominal scan
  • legs scan
  • Full body scan
  • Two region scan
  • Area of special interest scan


Everyone has a unique thermal print which remains stable in the absence of pathology.   This is referred to as your thermal baseline.  In order to establish a thermal  baseline,  an initial scan plus a second baseline establishing scan 3 months later are necessary.  After a baseline has been established, only one annual scan is necessary for health screening purposes.

We use FDA registered Class 1 (adjunctive use)  - 510(K) medical grade thermal imaging equipment.  All of our scans are interpreted by licensed medical doctors that are also trained and certified in thermographic interpretation. 

Our scan regions include:


Before your Scan

At The Clinic
Arrive a few minutes early as your body will take time to acclimate to the ambient temperature of the clinic.  It will also allow time for questions and filling out paperwork.  If you would like the forms emailed to you prior to your appointment, please send a text with the word "FORMS" with your email address to (520)220-2085.

Before The Exam
In preparation for your scan, please follow the guidelines below.  It is crucial that all protocols are followed as your scan results will be affected and rescheduling will be necessary.   

  1. No exercise, saunas, hot showers/baths, 2 hours prior to your appointment
  2. No lotions, oils, cream, or makeup on the area to be imaged
  3. No antiperspirant
  4. No sunbathing or massage 24 previous to appointment
  5. No shaving on day of appointment
  6. No smoking or caffeine 2 hours before your appointment time
  7. Wear loose clothing